Wiltshire White Horses

The chalk horses of Wiltshire:
their history and their locations




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Wiltshire White Horses

Photographs: A-M

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Alton Barnes horse - front view

Alton Barnes horse - side view

Alton Barnes horse - closer side view

Alton Barnes horse from the side and below

View from near Alton Barnes horse

View over the Alton Barnes horse

Eye of the Alton Barnes horse

Alton Barnes horse carved on a stone at Alton Priors

Close-up of the carving at Alton Priors

Broad Town horse - front view

Broad Town - another front view

Cherhill horse - far view

Cherhill horse - after restoration

Cherhill horse - before restoration

Cherhill horse - the eye

Cherhill horse and Lansdowne Monument

Cherhill restoration - view in first week

Cherhill restoration - shuttering in place

Cherhill restoration - rechalked rear leg

Cherhill restoration - view in second week

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - distant view

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico - close view

The new Devizes horse

The new Devizes horse - enlargement

View over the Devizes horse

Devizes horse - the eye

Devizes horse - the nostril

Devizes horse - cleaning Sept 08

Hackpen horse - front view

Hackpen horse - closer front view

View from the Hackpen horse

Hackpen horse - body and leg

Hackpen horse - the body

Hackpen horse - the head

Hindhead horse - old postcard

The Kilburn horse

Marlborough horse - front view

Marlborough horse - closer front view

Marlborough - early 20th century postcard

Head of the Marlborough horse

Above the Marlborough horse

Marlborough horse - head and neck

Marlborough horse - head, neck and body

Marlborough - scouring the horse begins

Marlborough - removing grass, etc.

Marlborough - chalk and water

Marlborough - applying the mix

Marlborough - nearing completion

The Horses:

Alton Barnes
Broad Town
Devizes (old)
Devizes (new)
Ham Hill
Pewsey (old)
Pewsey (new)
Tan Hill
Uffington (Oxon)
Other non-Wiltshire
Foreign horses

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