Wiltshire White Horses

The chalk horses of Wiltshire:
their history and their locations




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Wiltshire White Horses

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Osmington horse - front view

Osmington horse - closer view

Pewsey horse - front view

Pewsey horse from the Everleigh road

Pewsey horse in the far distance

Head of the Pewsey horse

Body and tail of the Pewsey horse

Looking down over the Pewsey horse

Eye of the Pewsey horse

A leg of the Pewsey horse

Plenderleath's sketches

Rockley horse - aerial view

Tan Hill - the stone circle

Tan Hill horse - the location

Uffington horse - aerial view

Looking down over the Uffington horse

Uffington horse - the body

Uffington horse - the eye

Uffington horse - the head

Uffington horse - a rear leg

Uffington horse - view from Dragon Hill

View of the Waimate horse

Westbury horse's ear from above

Westbury horse's ear from the side

Westbury horse - side view

Westbury horse - close up side view

Westbury horse - the eye

View of the Westbury horse

View from the Westbury horse

Westbury horse before 1778

View of White Horse Rock

White Horse Rock detail - older paint visible

The Horses:

Alton Barnes
Broad Town
Devizes (old)
Devizes (new)
Ham Hill
Pewsey (old)
Pewsey (new)
Tan Hill
Uffington (Oxon)
Other non-Wiltshire
Foreign horses

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